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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:30 am    Post subject: App: Deeptotem

The application submitted by Deeptotem is as follows:

Name : Deeptotem
Game : World of Warcraft
Server : US - Magtheridon
Level : 110
Gender : Male
Faction : Horde
Race : Troll
Class : Shaman
Spec 1 : Resto
Spec 2 : Enhance

WoW Armory
WoW Heroes

What is your battletag, so we can get in contact with you?:

Do you have mumble and a working microphone?:

Describe your level of availability. For example, do you never miss a raid for any reason? Do you miss a few raids a year? A month? When you do miss raids, how predictable is it ? How long of a commitment can you make?:
Sun, Mon, Tues work well for me. I'll be around in the rest of the week too. Friday Saturdays I'll be in classes all day starting August 14 2017.

Describe your computer setup and connection. Exact numbers or hardware serial numbers aren't necessary, but average speed, latency and framerates would be ideal:
Really good PC, decent connection. 60 fps 1080p while recording.

Do you use any particular important addons to increase your raid performance? If so what are they, and why do you use them?:
elvui, dbm, for streamline interface and raid assist.

Do you have a second spec that you are comfortable raiding with? If so what is it?:
I can raid as whatever, also have a warlock.

Would you be willing to respec to optimize raid performance, or if a fight required it?:
Yeah, I would request that I can on fights that wouldn't need me.

If you have them, please post a recent log from a raid (World of Logs or Warcraft logs are acceptable) - LFR is fine, assuming you actively participated. Make sure its a good one!:

In any raiding guild there is a chance that you would not be taken to a given raid or boss fight for a variety of reasons. If you were asked to sit out occasionally, would this be acceptable to you?:
Yeah, of course.

What kind of raiding experience do you have? (Focus on progress you made while content was current - killing C'thun at 90 may be fun, but somewhat irrelevant):
I've played since early vanilla, before raids-- on and off since 2003.

Name some previous guilds you were in (up to three) and why did you leave?:
its been a while and most names fail me now. Shadows and Dust was a guild I was in for a while and they got some world firsts. I left because they transferred off without me.

Is there anyone currently in Elysium that can vouch for you?:
ask around, maybe

Is there anyone in a previous guild that can vouch for you?:

Take a minute or so to sum up your class / spec (a few sentences to a short paragraph) including role, stat priority, and rotation (feel free to go into detail if you want to impress us):
I play resto and stack mastery, coincidentally crit is very good for burst healing so that is secondary. I just got serpents eye so that helps. I have a ton of really great legendaries, which also helps. My weapon has the 5th gold-border trait done.

Bonus optional questions:

Bonus - Is there anything else you'd like to mention to help set yourself apart from other potential apps?:
I'm getting my masters in science in conflict management, to help alleviate interpersonal conflict in organizations like the department of education or the united nations. I hope to go on to my PhD in about 23 months time. I'm working on a dissertation and published three times in academic research for choice, goals, and motivation.

Bonus - To you, what are some acceptable reasons to be sat out? How often? What are some unacceptable reasons?:
bc i suck and die. its fine to sit me. i get it.

Bonus - Would you continue to be interested in raiding if bosses did not drop loot, or acted like challenge modes (You got some cosmetic transmog at the end, but no gear upgrade)?:
yeah of course.

Bonus - Rank these in order of importance to you<br/>I want my character to be the best it can be<br/>I enjoy PvE competition and want a shot to be one of the highest ranked players<br/>I want to complete the hardest content the game can offer:
I want my character to be the best it can be
I enjoy PvE competition and want a shot to be one of the highest ranked players
I want to complete the hardest content the game can offer

Other - if another reason not listed here exists feel free to write it down.:
I loved raiding with you guys for the time that I did, I was just in the middle of a big-time application (15 of them) where I had to wait and see how stable I'd be.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Never
Saturday -> Never
No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em