About Us

We are Elysium of Magtheridon, a Horde PvE guild focusing on mythic progression.


In General

We are an older guild looking to push into mythic content in every tier. Most of our raiders are adults with responsibilities outside of Azeroth. However we still have a strong expectation of all of our raiders. We like to consider ourselves leaning towards the casual side of hardcore - we want to fully clear the content, and we like to compete with other guilds, but we realize that plenty of our raiders have jobs, friends and families outside of the game, so we try to keep our raid times reasonable, and to leave Friday/Saturday open for people to go do something besides WoW. 


Expectations of our raiders

First, we expect our raiders to come prepared to each fight every time we raid. Whether that's just having watched a video, or read a strategy, or even parcitipated on the PTR, we expect our raiders to know what to expect when first going into a progression fight.

Second, we expect that each of our raiders will perform in the top tier of their respective class and role. Each raider should be able to put out their maximum DPS, healing or damage reduction, while also not suffering from any situational awareness issues. If you finds yourself struggling in any capacity, you are expected to either ask for help from your role leader (or others of their same class) or to do research and practice to better yourself. Stagnation in mediocracy is not acceptable.

Third, we expect our raiders to show up. This doesn't mean you need to attend every raid, but if you will be missing a raid, we will need a heads up post on our forums. As we run a loot council, any unexcused absences will count against you for loot.

Finally, although potentially most importantly, we expect our raiders to enjoy themselves. We put a lot of expectationsdown here for our raiders, but only because we expect the same from you that we ourselves put forward. We have many exceptional players in Elysium, and we hope that anyone who joins shares that passion for excellence. However, in the end WoW is a game, not a job, so we would still hope you treat it as such.


Raid Times

Our raid days are:

Sunday: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST
Monday: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST
Wednesday: 9:00PM-12:00AM EST

Occasionally: Friday (Normal/Alt run) 9:00PM ish - Whenever


Loot Distribution

We run a loot council for most bosses. Generally we have one officer of each role, so we can have a reasonable amount of input from all directions. We make our loot decisions on a large amount of variables, including attendence, current iLvL, duration since you last got gear, and general performance. We urge people to not worry about loot, we make sure the loot council is impartial in all decisions we make, but any issues can be taken up with the council at any point. Officer are also not allowed to vote on pieces of gear they themselves are bidding on, so as to not unreasonably skew votes. We use the addon EPGP Lootmaster to help roll on and distribute loot.

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